Coffee with Cumberbatch

Okay so, this is my stream-of-consciousness post for Writing 101’s Day One. I honestly have no idea how this turned out to be semi-coherent. I guess my brain just works in circles. Meh. So enjoy?  

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The Feminist Version of History

The Feminist Version of History

Because men — and particularly white men – have dominated history and history classes for far too long. It’s time everyone starts to learn about the multiple sides of the same story. Everyone has different interpretations and everyone will leave certain details out to make themselves look better/smarter/stronger/etc. 

Besides, why do you think people say “behind a good man is a great woman”? Women have always made the world a better place, although we never get the damn credit for it. (Men can be so rude sometimes.) 

Anyway, go read this article. It’s really worth it. And hopefully you’ll try to find multiple sides to the same story, one story at a time. That really does open up your mind for the better. 

The Case Against Masculine Ego

As a strong-willed, independent, confident, and ambitious woman, who has set goals as high as the stars for her career and personal life, I am so freaking appalled by this article. Should I even give it the honor of calling it an article or even a blog post? It’s neither, in my opinion. (“Why are we honoring this man? Have we run out of human beings?” – Milton Berle) 

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Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted

Sorry guys for not blogging often. Schoolwork, trying to get a research position, my responsibilities as a Douglass PAL, studying for exams, etc. have gotten in the way of blogging. But that doesn’t really mean I’ve stopped enjoying blogging. 

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Definitely worth the read, even if you aren’t a feminist in it’s broadest definition. This will make you question the progress and the road to the future more than you’ve ever had before. 🙂 

“Unfinished Lecture on Liberation II” – Angela Davis

First of all, I have just learned about Angela Davis, and I find this piece fascinating. Therefore, I would like for the conversation to focus solely on what she is saying here instead of her beliefs and how radical she may be and whether or not she was really framed, yada yada yada. This post is about my reaction to this literary piece and my own interpretations of it. 

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