Despicable monsters inhabit this world

Despicable monsters inhabit this world

And no, I’m not talking about bears, lions, and tigers (oh my!), but actually more about us: human beings. We are probably the least moral, most ridiculous, most despicable and deplorable animals to inhabit this wonderful planet. We destroy plant life, destroy animal life, destroy the possibility of more diverse life, destroy each other, destroy our own selves with harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases (Of course, they don’t exist! What are those stupid scientists talking about anyway?), etc. But the most despicable thing we can do, among some others, is rape, publicly humiliating rape. 

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I want to cry.

I want to cry.

There’s nothing worse than hearing children dying. Especially from shootings or stabbings. The Connecticut shooting and the China stabbing (that sadly, no one is talking about amongst all the gun control talk), where simply revolting. 

I cannot imagine hearing the news as a parent or a sibling or a loved one of those children and the staff that lost their lives. As a protective older sister, it’s impossible for me. Imagining a police officer coming to me and informing that my brother died in a school shooting? My goodness, that would completely and utterly break me. 

With that said, I do want stricter gun control laws. I don’t think buying AK47s every month is for “self defense if necessary”; to me, it’s more like “preparation for murder”. That man, Adam Lanza, was a murderer. I don’t think he was mentally insane. 

That’s another thing I don’t like: using the phrase “mentally insane” so easily when describing these monsters. I don’t want that phrase to be used to group those monsters together and be dismissed because of “mental instability”. I want those monsters to own up and take responsibility for the horrendous crimes that they commit. As much as I would like to forgive them, I can’t: I want them to go through the worst kind of emotional torture available to repent. 

And to all the pro-gun people out there, please cease your interminable gabble. I would like to breathe oxygen instead of the mephitic fumes of your oratory that constantly threaten my pulmonary capabilities. (And yes, I just paraphrased one of my favorite Thaddeus Stevens quotes.)

One or two pistols/small guns are fine by me; 47 assault weapons and bazookas are not. 

Favorite Quotes from “Lincoln”…

So my mom and I went to see “Lincoln” yesterday. Before I post some of my favorite quotes (which happen to be insults for the most part), I want to post some amusing stories from my experience itself.

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