Yet another rape-murder case in India. And once again the victims were Dalit — or the Untouchables, the group of people that are considered to be outside the caste system and deal with garbage and dead bodies (unholy things in other words). I agree that the “boys will be boys” phrase needs to stop. But Indians and those of Indian descent need to change their attitudes on the social hierarchy that is still present as the caste system, even though India officially abolished the caste system after it’s independence in 1947. Yes it is hard to change a tradition that is thousands of years old. And yes it will take time. But change has to start from the cultural norms and attitudes, and the best place to start for India is the caste system. It is stupid. It is wrong. And it is just another form of oppression. There is nothing different between me, a Brahmin, and my friend, a Sudra. We both have dreams and aspirations; we both want to make a difference in the world; we love our friends and family. Yet the caste system says that I am inherently better than my friend because of our previous lives. To be honest, I don’t give two shits about my previous life or my next life. I’m living my life now, and that’s all that really should matter. So the whole deal about karma and caste is just another way to oppress the lower castes and sub-castes. And raping/murdering Dalit girls is an open show of the power the monsters possessed because they were — probably — of a higher caste or sub-caste. They were taught to be that way, and we can try to change their attitudes. But we shouldn’t be reactive and change the attitudes of criminals. We, as Indians, no matter where you reside in the world or how you feel about the caste system, should be proactive and learn to change our attitudes first. So that crimes like these will never be committed in the first place. 


Book Review Sunday: Know Your Power

This week’s Book Review is Know Your Power: A Mesage to America’s Daughters by former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Ahh sorry this week’s Book Review Saturday is late (hence why it’s Book Review Sunday). I went to see Malaficent yesterday with my friends, and oh my god it was amazing! It was much better than Sleeping Beauty because all the characters had a lot of depth, including Aurora, who wasn’t just a princess to sleep and be kissed by “a savior”. Even the raven was a character with a lot of depth. And Angelina Jolie was bloody awesome as Malaficent and she really showed an array of emotions as her character. And I can’t stop gushing about how awesome the movie is. Just go watch it!  

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