Raising similar issues that I brought up in my own blog post: “NaMo”. It’s really nice to see more people questioning the motives and connections of Indian politicians — and politicians in general — and staying civil and respectful at the same time. 

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The Feminist Version of History

The Feminist Version of History

Because men — and particularly white men – have dominated history and history classes for far too long. It’s time everyone starts to learn about the multiple sides of the same story. Everyone has different interpretations and everyone will leave certain details out to make themselves look better/smarter/stronger/etc. 

Besides, why do you think people say “behind a good man is a great woman”? Women have always made the world a better place, although we never get the damn credit for it. (Men can be so rude sometimes.) 

Anyway, go read this article. It’s really worth it. And hopefully you’ll try to find multiple sides to the same story, one story at a time. That really does open up your mind for the better.