Despicable monsters inhabit this world

Despicable monsters inhabit this world

And no, I’m not talking about bears, lions, and tigers (oh my!), but actually more about us: human beings. We are probably the least moral, most ridiculous, most despicable and deplorable animals to inhabit this wonderful planet. We destroy plant life, destroy animal life, destroy the possibility of more diverse life, destroy each other, destroy our own selves with harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases (Of course, they don’t exist! What are those stupid scientists talking about anyway?), etc. But the most despicable thing we can do, among some others, is rape, publicly humiliating rape. 

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These two articles are a result of the movie “Silenced” (aka “The Crucible”), which I talked about in my previous post. I’m am so proud to say that those monsters are in prison for 12 years and are forced to wear an electronic anklet (I believe it’s for released pedophiles?) for 10 after being released from prison. 

Although it isn’t exactly what I want, I suppose as long as they are labeled as pedophiles and are tortured that way, I’m happy. And it’s nice to know that South Korea’s judicial system has given proper sentences to these monsters. 

These sorts of people are not people. They are monsters. 

That’s why they should not be treated as human, or at least that’s what I believe. To stoop this low? That’s no longer human, and I have will wholeheartedly disagree with whomever says otherwise. For I am a sibling of a special needs brother. And by whatever deity is out there, I will personally torture the person with my bare hands if they dare to violate and abuse my sweet younger brother. Then I will be able to live in prison in peace

Something a little different.

Even though I consider myself a feminist, I also consider myself a human rights activist. And that includes disabled rights, human rights, civil rights, gay rights, women’s rights, etc. Therefore, today’s post will focus on disabled rights. 

About a year and a half ago, there was a rather controversial movie that was released in South Korea that I really wanted to see. It was called “Silenced” (or “The Crucible”). It centered around an ongoing legal case of incidents of rape and sexual abuse of hearing impaired children by their teachers/headmaster/other school officials. The first legal case ended with only 6 months in prison and 1 year of probation for both defendants. The children are still undergoing psychological treatment for the trauma they experienced. Needless to say, the defendants were rich and powerful. 

I just finished watching the movie with subtitles (the link is at the end of the post). And instead of crying as I did when I first saw the trailer, I am infuriated. Granted, it’s controlled anger because I’m currently typing this post from my dorm room; and even if I throw a tantrum, it wouldn’t change reality for these children and the possible hundreds of thousands of children that are also sexual abused by powerful people. It doesn’t matter if the children are African-American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, gay, lesbian, transgender, transsexual, queer, hearing impaired, epileptic, autistic, speaking impaired, etc. We cannot simply let this continue.  

Perhaps it would be helpful to give a quick summary of the movie. Here is one on IMDb: “Gang In-ho, who is working to earn money for his daughter’s surgery, is appointed to a school for hearing-impaired children in Gwangju. But what he discovers there is an ugly truth: the children are being physically and sexually abused by their teachers. When he decides to fight for the children’s rights and expose the crimes being committed at the school, In-ho teams up with human rights activist Seo Yu-jin. But he and Yu-jin soon realize the school’s principal and teachers, and even the police, prosecutors and churches in the community are actually trying to cover up the truth.” 

I’m glad to say that because of this movie, South Korea has started a new investigation into this case. Let’s just hope that these monsters get sent to prison for life. Because monsters like them shouldn’t roam the streets as free as everyone else. And they definitely shouldn’t be given the death sentence. They need to experience pure hell on earth in order to repent. Even though I am not a proponent of violence, I still believe in the classic “eye for an eye” saying. If these monsters beat up children, raped them, harassed them, tortured them in ways only shown in old-fashioned spy movies, they should go through everything that they did. Every damn little thing. But I doubt that they will fully understand the consequences of their actions. 

Anyway, I will let this movie do it’s job. Please prepare a box of tissues and pillow to punch. I had neither and I fully regret putting on makeup and making my bed this morning. 


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