[TRANS] 140520 Cannes report: Which Korean movies have received love at the film market?

I’m honestly looking forward to watching this movie. I’ve been interested in this since I heard that one of my favorite singer-actors, Park Yoochun, was going to act in this. But then the plot-line looked extremely interesting, and I generally love Korean films. They have a way of getting to an audience through complex – though slightly predictable, but no less effective – emotions and story-lines. I can’t wait to see this! 🙂


As the movie which was asked the most questions, Finecut representatives have picked HAEMOO. HAEMOO is a movie in which director Bong Joon-ho has taken part as the producer. The representatives explained that it was because of the great influence of director Bong who has even received love in France with his movies “The Host” or “Snowpiercer”.

Source: Hankooki via Naver
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[Trans] 131005 Lee Soo Man And JYJ’s Meeting At The National Assembly Falls Through, “To Be Discussed In The Future”

Okay, so I probably should make a timeline post regarding this lawsuit, only because it is regarding three members of a Korean pop group that I fell in love with first. (And got me obsessed with Kpop and Krock.) But muwhahahahaha they’re starting to get their justice, and that makes me one very very VERY happy fangirl. 🙂

fashion follows yoochun

The meeting between SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man and JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) has fallen through.

The National Assembly held a conference on the 4th and discussed the 277 potential witness from organizations, 63 regular witness and 46 testifiers.

The most heated discussion of the day was Lee Soo Man and JYJ’s potential confrontation. The Democratic Party requested the appearance of JYJ and Lee Soo Man, a representative of their former agency, at the National Assembly to discuss the controversies surrounding contracts in the entertainment industry. The decision to request Lee Soo Man and JYJ’s attendance was not finalized in the day’s discussions, but was set to be discussed further in the future.

Meanwhile, SM and the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts Industries (KFPCAI) was found guilty by the Fair Trade Commission of hindering JYJ’s activities in the music industry.

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Lucky International Fan, Jaejoong’s Friends & his Definition of Friend

Kim Jaejoong: possibly the most selfless and humble and overall amazing people ever born.


Lucky International Fan

She was international fan. I first knew her when she was 14. Around 10 years ago, I received her fan letter with her photo. When I was working as scheduled, I could see the face. She learned Korean diligently and later, she graduated summa cum laude from college that I advised her to go to. Also she’s now working in a company that I suggested to her. And friends around her became my friends, too.

Original Korean text: twtkr.olleh.com/view.php?long_id=L1asff

About Jaejoong’s Friends.

Jaejoong has a wider circle of acquaintances than Yuchun and Junsu. Nowadays, he often meets Jang Geun-seok. His house where he recently moved in is only 2 minutes away from Jang Geun-seok’s, so they meet almost every day. Jaejoong said “In some ways, he is incompatible with me though, this comes as his charm to me, so we mix very well.” Birds of feather flock…

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These two articles are a result of the movie “Silenced” (aka “The Crucible”), which I talked about in my previous post. I’m am so proud to say that those monsters are in prison for 12 years and are forced to wear an electronic anklet (I believe it’s for released pedophiles?) for 10 after being released from prison. 

Although it isn’t exactly what I want, I suppose as long as they are labeled as pedophiles and are tortured that way, I’m happy. And it’s nice to know that South Korea’s judicial system has given proper sentences to these monsters. 

These sorts of people are not people. They are monsters. 

That’s why they should not be treated as human, or at least that’s what I believe. To stoop this low? That’s no longer human, and I have will wholeheartedly disagree with whomever says otherwise. For I am a sibling of a special needs brother. And by whatever deity is out there, I will personally torture the person with my bare hands if they dare to violate and abuse my sweet younger brother. Then I will be able to live in prison in peace