About me


Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I appreciate it. If you were confused as to who the author behind the posts is, then this page will help answer some — if not all — of your questions.

First of all, I am currently a freshman, and will soon be a rising sophomore, in Rutgers School of Engineering. My declared major is biochemical engineering. I know, I usually get a few gasps and raised eyebrows when I say this, but I really do love chemistry and math. And a bit of biology. And biochemistry is so fascinating, especially how it plays such a bit part in pharmaceutical research, which is where my heart currently is. For those of you who don’t really know what biochemical engineering may be about, here’s a list of classes I have completed or am currently taking.

AP/College Credits:

  • Expository Writing 1 
  • General Psychology
  • Fundamentals of Speaking and Writing
  • Chemistry (which includes both semesters and Intro to Experimentation)
  • Calculus 1 (Calc AB)
  • Calculus 2 (Calc BC)
  • Statistics
  • US History

Freshman year:

  • Intro to Microeconomics
  • Knowledge and Power: Issues in Women’s Leadership
  • Congressional Politics
  • Calculus 3 (Multivariable Calc)
  • Calculus 4 (Differential Equations)
  • Physics 1a
  • Physics 1b
  • Intro to Computers for Engineers (aka MATLAB)
  • Nature of Politics
  • Byrne Seminar: Collapse of Civilizations
  • Engineering Exploration

Sophomore Year:

  • Organic Chemistry  w/ Lab
  • Thermodynamics 1
  • Analysis 1
  • Globalization of the Non-Western World
  • Islam and Democracy
  • Women in American Politics
  • Linear Algebra

Junior Year:

  • Thermodynamics 2
  • Analysis 2
  • Transport 1 & 2
  • Math Theory of Probability
  • Design Separation Process
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Mechanical Properties of Materials

So much fun, right? LOL.

My love for politics started in ’08 during the Democratic primary. After all, back then, the prospect of having either the first African American president or the first woman president was thrilling. And I quickly became a political junkie. It’s hard not to when Rachel Maddow speaks so eloquently. Now, MSNBC has grown to have more younger, extremely eloquent hosts. My favorite hosts now are Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Chris Hayes, and Alex Wagner. It’s hard to not become excited about the subject when they are so clearly excited on TV.

I admit that I check Politico and Huffington Post and NY Times every single day. I like being informed. I think it makes civic participation much more intelligent and raises it to another level. It’s a wonderful feeling. Or maybe I’m just eccentric. It doesn’t matter, anyway, since I will continue to be a political junkie. Politics is a great relief from the bloody crazy amounts of math, physics, and chemistry I have to go through.

~ Squishymaru

PS. This page will be updated constantly, quite obviously.


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