Who Said It: the Drumpf Version

Unfortunately, every single day, the Republican presidential candidate sounds more and more like my younger brother, who happens to be autistic (amongst other things, such as bipolar). So I thought it would be enlightening to see just how much Trump sounds like my younger brother, by putting up randomized quotes up for readers to guess who said it. Answers are at the bottom.

  1. “Ew I hate mosquitoes”
  2. “Ew that’s yucky”
  3. “I always wanted a purple heart”
  4. “I want a yellow bag.”
  5. “You’re fired”
  6. “You’re in timeout”

Looking at this list, it’s kind of easy for me to see how similar Trump’s mentality is to that of my younger brother. The only difference is that my brother knows what’s right and what’s wrong; he knows when to say sorry (although sometimes he’s too ashamed to even utter the words); he knows how to be polite. And he has the mental capacity and age of a “normal” 5-year-old. He also doesn’t have the vocabulary of a demagogue because everyone in the house censors themselves as much as possible so he wouldn’t ever learn how to use derogatory, impolite words. Trump is a powerful, influential, rich businessman who is approximately 70 years old, and he’s running for president of the US. There’s a big difference between being an autistic man-child — in the sense that an individual is legally a man but has the mental capabilities of a child — and a crazy, everything-non-rich-white-cis-heterosexual-male-phobic demagogue in the highest position of power.

If you don’t want a man who acts like an autistic child with the nuclear codes, the power to appoint a super conservative justice to the Supreme Court (which will then overturn everything including Roe v. Wade, the ACA constitutionality ruling, Civil Rights Act, etc), or the power to create more wars…

… then go vote in November. And make sure your parents, children, siblings, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, etc. go to vote as well. Don’t sit out because if Trump is elected, you will regret not voting to keep him away.


  1. Trump
  2. My brother
  3. Trump
  4. My brother
  5. Trump
  6. My brother.

About squishymaru

Master's student in chemical engineering with a B.S. in chemical engineering as well. Loves chemistry, math, increasing diversity in STEM, politics, and public health advocacy. Loves reading, writing, and being active -- mentally and physically.

2 thoughts on “Who Said It: the Drumpf Version

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Can we put Trump in timeout? Like permanently?

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