Indian MP Says Every Hindu Woman ‘Must Produce’ Four Children

The same time that I am cheering Mumbai for elected their first trans female elected official, I am appalled and outraged at the antiquated hallucinations that are spewing from this thing’s mouth. I was brought up as Hindu (although I don’t see myself aligned with any one religion anymore), and I have read the Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas and other sacred texts and nowhere in those texts did I see that there was a quota for married women that want children to fulfill. As I have stated before when NaMo was elected, India is becoming more intolerant and more despicable even as there is progress in nearly every aspect of human life. Although, to be fair, this thing is known for spewing nonsense like fruitflies, so I’m not all that surprised. That doesn’t mean that I’m any less livid.


An Indian Member of Parliament with a history of controversial remarks caused another stir on Tuesday, saying in a speech that every Hindu woman should produce at least four children in order to “protect” the religion.

Addressing a gathering in the north Indian town of Meerut, MP Sakshi Maharaj told a crowd that “the concept of four wives and 40 children will not work in India and the time has come when a Hindu woman must produce at least four children in order to protect Hindu religion,” the Times of India reported.

He also went on to warn that cow slaughter and religious conversion could soon be punished with the death sentence.

Maharaj has acquired a reputation for controversial statements, having had to apologize last month for calling Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin a “patriot.”


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