Watch This First-Person Point of View of Going Down an Absolutely Terrifying Ski Line


The ski community has been in awe of professional athlete Cody Townsend after he skied down a long, extremely narrow, steep path in Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountains. The skier can be heard saying, “Oh I’m getting nervous!” in the minute-long clip that now boasts more than 1.3 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on December 8. Powder magazine has recognized the mountain skiing feat as the line of the year.

Turns out, Townsend had wanted to conquer a straight line like that for about four or five years. “Since there were five years that went into it, actually skiing it wasn’t that hard,” he told Power magazine. “I felt like I was so prepared for it… I had skied it a thousand times in my head that, you know, it felt like it was meant to be.”

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