What’s it like to be a woman in competitive gaming? A female gamer explains.


Non-gamers love to stereotype the world of competitive gaming. But what’s it really like? We asked a former competitive Super Smash Brothers Melee player to tell us her story.

Non-gamers, picture the biggest and most fun music festival you’ve ever attended. Imagine lots of noise and lots of energy. Now, imagine that at this fantastic festival — you’re in one of the most beloved bands. And the audience? It’s filled with people you know.

More often than not, that’s what competitive gaming feels like. It’s a world that allows your nerdier alter ego to come to life. It’s this:

Photo: David Zhou Photo: David Zhou

It’s a diverse bunch. Last year at Apex, 1500 people from 16 different countries traveled to New Jersey just to play.

I would know: For the last ten years I’ve been playing Super Smash Brothers Melee — and for three of those years I played competitively in national tournaments. For the uninitiated, Smash is…

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