Free Tampons Are Actually a Great Idea. Just Don’t Mention It Online

I don’t get why this is so stigmatized. I remember the first time I got mine and hearing some of my relatives in India talking to my mom on the phone and asking why I was part of the “celebration” that took place because I was now a “woman” – whatever the hell that means. I mean what: y’all are celebrating a new chapter of my life and y’all don’t want me there because I’m “not pure” because of stupid blood? (Some traditions are just pathetic and I can’t help but laugh because I’m that speechless.)

Anyway back to free tampons: yes it’s a great idea. Not only would a program like that improve the lives of many girls and women that can’t afford them and have to resort to unhygenic means or just hide from society because of blood, but it would decrease the stigma against a natural cycle that women go through on a monthly basis.

And the backlash against Valenti is just disappointing and discouraging. I won’t judge those that decided to judge Valenti and misreading her intentions. But seriously, why is it that women face much more backlash for posing seemingly innocent and curious questions but men don’t seem to face something to the same extent and to the same level of blatant threats? (#notallmen but actually.) Curiosity is virtue for men but a vice for women: why is it when curiosity is simply part of being human?


The latest Twitter storm erupted this weekend over what at first seemed to be a simple question about tampons.

On Friday, Guardian writer and feminist author Jessica Valenti was researching a column on the accessibility of feminine hygiene products around the world when she turned to Twitter for help. Valenti, who has more than 70,000 followers on the social media site, put out a seemingly innocent request for information, asking:

Though Valenti’s tweet was merely a question — not a demand, not a request, not even an opinion — it seemed to trigger rage in dozens of men and women online, who then unleashed a torrent of abuse at Valenti.

Many ignored the question entirely and instead seemed incensed with Valenti for complaining about having to pay for tampons (she…

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