Strength. Determination. Brevity.

Day Three of Writing 101: Commit to a Writing Practice. (See prompt here).

This is late, and I’m so sorry!!! I’m trying to catch up on the prompts, so I’m going to be doing as many as I can today.

“Mine” by Kim Jaejoong 

Possibly one of the coolest Korean rock songs I’ve heard. I don’t really listen to Korean rock — more of a Japanese rock/Visual Kei person — but I’ve been a fan of Kim Jaejoong’s voice for a long time (8 years now?). And it’s his first solo. I had to listen to it. But I digress. “Mine” is a very You-can’t-hurt-me-because-I’m-stronger-than-you-so-you-better-stop-trying type of song. But it’s brilliantly sung. The verses are deep throated, and the chorus is pure rock. I can’t really explain why it resonates with me, but I guess the best way to put it is that it gives me strength whenever I’m feeling a little blue. I listen to this (and the other 2 songs) to make me feel like “yes things are bad now, but they will become better and I just have to keep at it”.

“No More Dream” by BTS 

Another Korean song. Sorry, I listen to a lot of Korean music. XD Anyway, this was BTS’s debut song, and holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitake mushrooms, they brought hip hop into the Korean music mainstream. Which is great because hip hop is really cool (though rowdy at times, but meh). This is also another song I listen to whenever I’m down because it reminds me of my dreams and ambitions and goals that I have. The song makes fun of those that don’t have dreams — or dreams that don’t fit in the box society has carved out for them. Which is kinda how I feel as an Indian-American. The boxes for me are either a doctor, an engineer, or something in IT. But although I’m an engineering student, I don’t see myself staying in this field. I see myself going into public health and those policies, which would be quite different than what my family is used to. But I’m thankful for having such amazing parents that support these dreams. Listening to this song helps remind me of those ambitions, as well as the support from my parents without which, I don’t know how I would be able to stay sane.

“One Shot” by BAP

Is it another Korean song? Hell to the yeah! I honestly love this song because it basically says that you only have one life — one shot — to do the things you love. So you better get on it. It has become something like my motto, although I have realized that I don’t really have the means to do the things I want just yet. I have a long life ahead of me, so I can cross one thing off of my bucket list at a time. Starting a blog was one. (Updating it occasionally is still there lol.) I would love to learn how to ride a motorcycle, but I don’t think I have the time this summer to do so. So instead, I’m going to try to learn how to longboard. Because I only have one shot. (And because it’s easier to get around campus because my campus is huge, and I’m not really exaggerating.) I should probably get on that soon. Eh, I need to buy a longboard first. I should probably do that soon. I only have one shot after all. So I would like y’all to get on it and start crossing things off of your bucket list. Start as in today. Now. Because you only have one chance, y’know? 


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Master's student in chemical engineering with a B.S. in chemical engineering as well. Loves chemistry, math, increasing diversity in STEM, politics, and public health advocacy. Loves reading, writing, and being active -- mentally and physically.

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