31 Things That Are More Important Than Being In A Relationship Right Now

Thought Catalog

Whether you’re dating someone or single, it’s important to take self-inventory, being intentional about the relationships you have and the relationships you want. How often do we make checklists of our needs? I firmly believe that you can do anything you want while you’re in a relationship — except flap your arms and fly, because you can’t do that ever — but before you go about throwing yourself into something, it’s best to ask the big questions.

Here are 31 things that I believe are equally important as being in a relationship or in the case of #2, way more important. Kerry Washington is more important than everything.

1. Having healthy and fulfilling friendships with the people who have stuck by you forever — and who will stay by your side, even as relationships come and go.

2. Making sure that you’re caught up on Scandal.

3. Being in…

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