The College Student Behind Viral ‘God is Gay’ Poem

I loved this poem. It describes my own distrust in what religion has become nowadays — not just Christianity, not just Islam, but also Hinduism and Judaism, etc. This brave young man stood up and talked about what religion is truly about: love, forgiveness, justice, faith, etc. This is what I learned when I was a child, a child that was curious about not only Hinduism but Islam and Christianity and Buddhism and Judaism as well. I was taught as a young child to be kind and accepting towards everyone: at home, at school, even at he one week of Bible summer camp I went to with a neighbor.

But then I read the comments, to this article. It’s a waste of energy to type out how I felt, but I suppose I must to avoid conflict. Mother of all … I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The article was amazing, talking about breaking down barriers of stigmatized religion, yet there were religious fanatics in the comments talking about how President Obama (who wasn’t mentioned at all in this article, might I add) is here to show that God believes in one centralized nation in the world. I hate to curse, but what the actual fuck? How is that related at all? I simply cannot understand religious bigots; these zealots who talk about how wonderful their God is, also talk about how violent another God is. Um, all of the monotheist religions believe in one — and only one — God. In the Qur’an — which I have been reading to better understand one of my political science classes –, there is an abundance of praise towards Judaism and Christianity because Allah is God and God is Allah. There is only one God. In Hinduism, there are many deities, but they are all parts of one Supreme Being; in other words, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are all one entity — along with 330 million other parts, but that’s besides the point.

And as I read the comments, I was reminded of why I decided to give up on religion altogether. I decided against being Hindu, and turned to atheism; it fits my personality more anyway.

Meh, my rant is over lol.


Video of a slam poetry performance by a twenty-year-old University of North Carolina drama student is going viral, with nearly 70,000 views on YouTube. The controversial title and message of his poem:  “God is gay.”

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