How To Troll Children With Cancer And Get Away With It

Reid’s answer is enough: “to have someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing maybe means you’re irresponsible and reckless –” Congratulations Senator Reid. You are amazing. Seriously.

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So yesterday Senators Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer addressed a cast of several reporters regarding the current status of funding for the government. The usual points were being made, Republicans are instransigent, they hate Obamacare, the usual, when suddenly a wild reporter appeared from the underbrush bubbling with one powerful question. Here’s the vid, transcript all the way at the bottom. Dana Bash is the CNN reporter who should be relieved of her job for asking such a question.

The question is, if you could save just one kid from cancer by refunding the National Institute of Health (NIH) then shouldn’t you? Of course, Dana knows that what this would cost the nation right now would be the Affordable Care Act. She also knows that the NIH conducts clinical trials, they don’t perform everyday cancer treatments. They aren’t a hospital, they’re a research center. So, apparently Dana believes that funding…

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