Lucky International Fan, Jaejoong’s Friends & his Definition of Friend

Kim Jaejoong: possibly the most selfless and humble and overall amazing people ever born.


Lucky International Fan

She was international fan. I first knew her when she was 14. Around 10 years ago, I received her fan letter with her photo. When I was working as scheduled, I could see the face. She learned Korean diligently and later, she graduated summa cum laude from college that I advised her to go to. Also she’s now working in a company that I suggested to her. And friends around her became my friends, too.

Original Korean text:

About Jaejoong’s Friends.

Jaejoong has a wider circle of acquaintances than Yuchun and Junsu. Nowadays, he often meets Jang Geun-seok. His house where he recently moved in is only 2 minutes away from Jang Geun-seok’s, so they meet almost every day. Jaejoong said “In some ways, he is incompatible with me though, this comes as his charm to me, so we mix very well.” Birds of feather flock…

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