Why Chivalry Is Important (And Definitely Not Dead)

This is what I want to see in men, which, sadly, is deemed to be highly demanding of the so-called “dominant sex”. Is it really?

Thought Catalog

It’s easy to feel conflicted about chivalry, as we’ve come to understand it. It can feel outdated, condescending, even infantilizing. And it’s true that, for many men who engage in what they perceive to be “gentlemanly behavior,” it is simply a means to an end. Either they believe that women are inherently a weaker sex more in need of help executing basic tasks, or they assume that enough “nice” gestures piled up one after the other will inevitably result in sex. And neither of these perceptions are healthy; neither of them are accurate or positive, especially when reproduced on a societal scale.

But there is another kind of chivalry — one that is perhaps too different from the heavily abused social concept we’ve come to know to be called by the same name — which is not unhealthy. It’s not selfish, or condescending, or demeaning of women. It doesn’t expect…

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