How Do You See Yourself?

Thought Catalog

Are we overly critical? Do many of us fall into a pattern of seeing ourselves in a negative light? Do we talk about ourselves in ways that are mostly self-deprecating? According to this video, many of us do that. And I can’t help but wonder: How did we get here? And how do we stop it?

When I was younger, just before that pre-teen age when kids seemingly begin to be aware of what society says is beautiful and ugly, I was made to believe that I was ugly. And I think I believed it for a long time. Granted, everyone has an awkward stage, right? But the reality of our childhood is that those experiences affect who we become in our adulthood. For the record, I no longer think I’m ugly; I know I am not ugly. But especially as a woman, it seems that we’re not allowed to…

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