Deconstructing “Accidental Racist”

Thought Catalog

Many of us who pay even the slightest bit of attention to popular news and culture have heard of Brad Paisley and LL Cool J’s Accidental Racist song. Whenever controversial issues are raised in media, oftentimes the initial reaction is passion and raw emotions. This is of course understandable – controversial issues are controversial  for a reason. Many times they get to the heart of our souls; they go deep into the center of our fundamentals as human beings and they demand that we once again re-evaluate our positions on the things that matter most to us. And while I believe passion matters, I have found that it can cloud one’s ability to reason. So it is in this spirit I write this article – to hopefully add another voice to the continuous national conversation on race as I believe this song has done.

Firstly, consider the title – Accidental…

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