What An Adult Is Not

Thought Catalog

An adult is not strong. An adult is not arrogantly devoid of appearing weak. They do not hide the lashes of struggle nor do they wear them as badges to be honored. There is no award for the adult other than stability, comfort, and calm. There are no trophies for being mature. There is no ceremony with firework salutes or horse-drawn kings handing you scepters or loved ones surrounding you with garland. There is only a stack of mail on a kitchen table.

There are no pretentious adults. There are no social goals for adults. Adults can only influence who they are as much as they can change the direction of a hurricane by spitting in a particular direction. They do not control the anxiety of debt, the dread of failure, the captivating presence of mediocrity. They are not immune to fear; they are simply dulled by it. They live…

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