I think I love you (part 2)

Looks like this may end up being a series of my feels. Lol…. 

Housing information for next year is out. I wonder if you know that I read your Facebook status about that. It’s going to feel odd when we’re living on different campuses. I seriously hope that I don’t sound like a creep, or a stalker. 

Pre-registration for next semester starts soon… And we’ll probably end up having Analysis I together. After all, there’s only 1 section for that lecture. I wonder what it will feel like to be in the same class as you (again). Will it feel the same and like AP Chemistry? Or will it feel different because I’ve realized my feelings for you? The prospect of being in the same class as you fills me up with happiness and dread. Happiness because I will see you twice a week, and seeing you and talking to you makes my day so much brighter. Dread because I worry that something might slip out of my mouth, or I will embarrass myself in front of you (again).

But if I take summer courses, I may end up having 2 classes with you. I will have 2 classes with you. 2 classes with you. 2 classes. OH. MY. GOD. WAIT. WHAT? I didn’t realize this until now. Now I’m really worried. Is that something I want again? After all, it’s hard to control those butterflies. I may seem confident and self-assured, but I can guarantee that my blood pressure when I’m around you would be classified as hypertensive crisis.

I’m not as strong as I may seem: I, too, need someone to lean on. Hopefully I will gather the courage to ask you to be that person. It would make me the happiest person on the planet. 


About squishymaru

Master's student in chemical engineering with a B.S. in chemical engineering as well. Loves chemistry, math, increasing diversity in STEM, politics, and public health advocacy. Loves reading, writing, and being active -- mentally and physically.

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