Reblog: Love

Hehe, sounds like what I’m experiencing now.

Thought Catalog

I remember the first day I saw you or maybe it was just the first day I noticed you. You were wearing a green shirt; I was wearing an aqua blue top. You looking a little disheveled from the close distance and I was laughing causally with two friends; neither of us looked our best. I watched as you walked by slowly, I could have sworn you were looking at me, maybe even checking me out. I tried not to look up directly but I was definitely looking at you; I was definitely checking you out. I knew that I liked you.

I began noticing you more from that day – your hair, your smile, the way you walk, and the sound of your voice. Whenever we were in the same room, my eyes were drawn to you, and they still are, despite the passing of time. I still find…

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