Just because I don’t like PDA doesn’t mean that I don’t like romance.

I remember a month or so ago, I saw a couple on one of the university buses and I was heading to my DiffEQ class. They were very public about their displays of affection, and I couldn’t help but grimace a little. I mean, the girl was practically treating him as if he was a toddler, saying things like “Oh my baby did a great job”. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was controlling him. It certainly looked like that from a third person’s perspective. She kept on saying that and cuddling, to the point where it drove me insane. Seriously, can’t they do that when they’re alone?

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Reblog: Coming out in 2008

I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to come out in 2008, bear through so much hatred possibly every single day, and then have to write to one of your most favorite people in the entire world who opposes your right to being fully human. It boggles my mind as to how easily people forget that there are human beings behind every single controversial debates. Did the extreme right forget how ignorant they are when it comes to procreation? Women do not just use birth control pills once per sexual intercourse. Simple junior high biology or sex education (if they have in their schools). Or do they forget that millions of people are being denied a pathway to citizenship primarily because their parents brought them here illegally in hopes of a better life? What happened to the human aspect of everything? After all, we are all still struggling to attain the same goal: live life as fully as possible. We are all in this together; I hope that everyone realizes that. The very few cannot pull the majority up. Gravity makes the majority’s hardships too heavy to lift. Which is why we must all try to make a difference, make change, and help society progress and move higher towards a better life. :3