Despicable monsters inhabit this world

Despicable monsters inhabit this world

And no, I’m not talking about bears, lions, and tigers (oh my!), but actually more about us: human beings. We are probably the least moral, most ridiculous, most despicable and deplorable animals to inhabit this wonderful planet. We destroy plant life, destroy animal life, destroy the possibility of more diverse life, destroy each other, destroy our own selves with harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases (Of course, they don’t exist! What are those stupid scientists talking about anyway?), etc. But the most despicable thing we can do, among some others, is rape, publicly humiliating rape. 

Now, let me start off by saying that I am, by birth and by culture, an Indian. But I’ve also assimilated into American culture from living here for all my life. And as a women with very few ties to just one country and to one culture (Hey, I love some aspects of every culture. They’re all so interesting.), and as a women that can not tolerate for one goddamn minute men who enjoy putting down women and publicly humiliating them, this news was horrific. 

Of course, whenever I visit India, I stick to my relatives like glue; but at the same time, I do understand that there is still a possible danger of being kidnapped, gang-raped, and left to die. I mean, which country doesn’t have that possibility? We don’t live in a utopia after all. 

As I read the horrible news as it unfolded – though it was a week or so after the incident, sadly – I couldn’t help but feel so angered — no, enraged — by the apparent showing of power by the monsters that gang-raped this young women. (Mind you, I don’t promote violence in any shape or form.) I wanted to personally go to each one of those men involved, hire merciless mafia right hand men, pay them to abuse the gang-rapers, record it as it happened, post the video online, and then personally remove every vital organ from their bodies, painfully and slowly and as they watched, leaving the brain and heart for last. Now granted, I will not go through with that because I am not a violent person, I still wanted some sort of painful and painfully slow method for repentance. Personally, I cannot and will not forgive them at all. This is purely and utterly despicable. 

One of the major flaws I find in Indian society is the patriarchal system that is — sadly — still in place. Even in my own immediate family, that is still prevalent. I love my father dearly and I will forever, but… we are products of different times and often, we clash on issues such as women’s rights, LGTBQ rights, and stranger issues like living together before marriage, dating, etc. 

For people that aren’t familiar with the Indian patriarchal system, imagine it being a sort of Victorian society, where the sole purpose of a woman is to “bear sons” as stated in some of the Vedic texts. And if she gives birth to a daughter, it’s her fault — though it’s scientifically proven otherwise, many communities in the rural areas still believe that. Up until the 80’s, approximately, child marriage was popular and common. So girls that were around 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 were married off to men in their 50s, 60s, and even their 70s. As a result, by 13, many of them were widows. Now, in India, it’s taboo for a widow to remarry, so they were often shipped to cities primarily for widows; note, communities often blamed the women of black magic if the husband dies. That’s the shameful life of a widow. The honorable one is to jump into the funeral pyre of her husband, and sacrifice herself to purify herself of any black magic and gain more karma for a better next life. (There was a very good, yet very, very sad Bollywood movie on widow cities and their lives called “Water”. I highly recommend that to everyone. But a note of warning: keep a pillow to punch and five boxes of tissues next to you at all times. Oh, and don’t wear makeup if you’re gonna watch it.) 

Now, that’s the very cynical viewpoint of Indian society today. Although that is still prevalent in many rural communities, it’s changing in the suburban and urban areas of India, where it is becoming more expensive to live and thus, more power is given to women. 

But still, like how women in America usually wear a T-shirt and jeans when raped, women in India are simply wearing a salwar or a simple sari when raped. And many times, it’s by the police officers, or their husbands, or men that live in the neighborhood, and many, many times, it’s the politicians themselves. (Check out this literal beating: It’s great to see women joining forces to put these corrupted men to shame, and publicly humiliate them while they’re at it.) And that, is the heart of the corruption of Indian society: the government itself. 

So, going back to my original point, these monsters should not get the death penalty, because that is way too kind. Although I can’t do what I want to do to them, I do hope that they will never be able to be successful in their personal and professional lives. Even better, they should be sent to a notoriously evil prison where there are worse, mafia-like criminals then them, and where they are abused every single minute of every single day for the rest of their lives. That, I think, is justice. For they destroyed a woman’s life, literally. They kidnapped her and her male companion (Yes, she had one, so opponent’s/their supporters, think of another argument than having a male companion around. And plus, we’re in the 21st century: women should be able to go where ever they please without a male companion.). Then they robbed them. They beat up the male friend. They gang-raped her. They beat her. They used random tools to stick up her, pulling out her intestine in the process. They killed her. They caused her mother to go into shock and die (if I’m not mistaken). The male friend is now out of the hospital, but will have PTSD probably. If those gang-rapers are not brought to the right sort of justice that they deserve, I will move to the Swiss Alps and live as a hermit. (As it is, I have very little faith in humankind anyway). 

I, honestly, highly doubt that any major legislation will get passed in India. The government is corrupt, highly narrow-minded, and only concerned with their own pocket-books. However, the outcry and the outrage that many young and enraged women that started in New Delhi — the place of the gang-rape incident, which happened on a public bus, and no one did a damn thing, not even the bus driver — and that has now spread across India (and starting to spread across the world, thanks to news coverage), may actually push these stinking moral carcasses to actually do something. (Thank you Thaddeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones) for these lovely insults!) 

2012 went down as the Year of the Gay. 2013 should go down as the Year of the Woman across the world. Keep fighting women because the world can’t procreate without us. 


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Master's student in chemical engineering with a B.S. in chemical engineering as well. Loves chemistry, math, increasing diversity in STEM, politics, and public health advocacy. Loves reading, writing, and being active -- mentally and physically.

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