Something totally different….

Like completely and utterly different. 😀 

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Despicable monsters inhabit this world

Despicable monsters inhabit this world

And no, I’m not talking about bears, lions, and tigers (oh my!), but actually more about us: human beings. We are probably the least moral, most ridiculous, most despicable and deplorable animals to inhabit this wonderful planet. We destroy plant life, destroy animal life, destroy the possibility of more diverse life, destroy each other, destroy our own selves with harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases (Of course, they don’t exist! What are those stupid scientists talking about anyway?), etc. But the most despicable thing we can do, among some others, is rape, publicly humiliating rape. 

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I’m back~!

Happy new year to everyone! And the belated Christmas wishes and whatever other holidays are celebrated at this time, like the much hated holiday by Wisconsin State Senator Grothman, Kwanzaa. (Do you have to ask which party he’s from?) 

So as compensation for not posting anything within the last 2-3 weeks, I will flood many people’s dashboards with my posts within the next few days (hopefully). So stay tuned, and please don’t feel overwhelmed! I’ll try to not spam that much~ 😀