Favorite Quotes from “Lincoln”…

So my mom and I went to see “Lincoln” yesterday. Before I post some of my favorite quotes (which happen to be insults for the most part), I want to post some amusing stories from my experience itself.

I correctly guessed that I would be the youngest member of the audience. The guy selling the tickets gave us both a once-over when my mom asked for 2 tickets for “Lincoln”. Almost as if thinking “I don’t think you guys are that old like my previous customers (who also bought tickets for the same movie)… but whatever”. I must admit it was quite amusing.

Once inside the theater, there was another mother-daughter pair that was already inside, and were much much older than us. The mother was asking the daughter if they were really early and she replied no. And then the mother asked if everyone comes rushing in right before the movie starts. These two were very amusing and sweet to listen to before the movie started honestly. Mom and I were enjoying their conversations.

Okay I’ve gabbed enough…. on the movie quotes….

“How can I hold that all men are created equal when here before me stands stinking the moral carcass of the gentleman from Ohio? Proof that some men are inferior. Endowed by their maker with dim wits, impermeable to reason, with cold pallid slime in their veins instead of hot red blood. You are more reptile than man George, so low and flat that the foot of man is incapable of crushing you.” ~Thaddeus Stevens before the vote on the 13th Amendment.

“Would Mr. Wood conclude his interminable gabble? Some of us breathe oxygen and we find the mephitic fumes of his oratory a lethal challenge to our pulmonary capabilities.” ~Thaddeus Stevens during one of the floor debates of the possibility of bringing the 13th Amendment for a vote.

“No sight can make an Englishman shit quicker than the sight of George Washington.” ~Abraham Lincoln during a story about Ethan Allen visiting an English lord’s house for dinner.

“I must make my decisions, Bob must make his, you yours and bear what we must, hold and carry what we must. What I carry within me – you must allow me to do it, alone, as I must – and you alone Mary, you alone may lighten this burden or render it intolerable as you choose.” ~Abraham Lincoln to Mary Todd Lincoln during a fight over allowing Robert (2nd son) to go and join the Union army.

“I could write shorter sermons but when I get started I’m too lazy to stop.” ~Abraham Lincoln during one of his longer monologues.

“It opens!” ~Thaddeus Stevens responding to a knock on the door.


In all honesty, I loved Stevens the most. He had the most class, his insults were impeccable, and he was the most radical/progressive of his time. Granted, I loved all of the characters in the movie because they were so real. But Stevens had that little extra bit of charisma that completely captured my attention. The actors/actresses were amazing. My goodness. Sally Field was amazing as Mary Todd. The bits of Robert Todd were well done by Joseph Gordon Levitt. Daniel Day Lewis was nearly unrecognizable with all of the makeup as Lincoln. He pulled off every single aspect of the rather interesting character Lincoln was known to have. The stories, the laughter, the passion, everything. I have newfound respect for this actor. Tommy Lee Jones was absoluetely a-ma-zing as Thaddeus Stevens; he was known back then to throw quite colorful insults and a very cynical man with a passion for racial equality and rights to vote for all, including women (if I remember my history correctly). And Tommy Lee Jones was perfect for Stevens.

I heard that Speilberg and his screenwriter spent 7 years researching and writing up the script, creating the sets, and finding the right actors/actresses for each role, and filming and editing. I must say that the 7 years paid off. It was the most brilliant movie I’ve seen in 2012.

So, in other words, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, please find the timings at your local cinemas. It’s totally worth the 2.5 hours.


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