Hallelujah It’s Raining Men Amen

Hallelujah It’s Raining Men Amen

I think the linkie’s title says it all. It’s exactly what I’ve been saying for the last four years as I watched the GOP become whiter, straighter, older, and more testosterone filled. 


I want to cry.

I want to cry.

There’s nothing worse than hearing children dying. Especially from shootings or stabbings. The Connecticut shooting and the China stabbing (that sadly, no one is talking about amongst all the gun control talk), where simply revolting. 

I cannot imagine hearing the news as a parent or a sibling or a loved one of those children and the staff that lost their lives. As a protective older sister, it’s impossible for me. Imagining a police officer coming to me and informing that my brother died in a school shooting? My goodness, that would completely and utterly break me. 

With that said, I do want stricter gun control laws. I don’t think buying AK47s every month is for “self defense if necessary”; to me, it’s more like “preparation for murder”. That man, Adam Lanza, was a murderer. I don’t think he was mentally insane. 

That’s another thing I don’t like: using the phrase “mentally insane” so easily when describing these monsters. I don’t want that phrase to be used to group those monsters together and be dismissed because of “mental instability”. I want those monsters to own up and take responsibility for the horrendous crimes that they commit. As much as I would like to forgive them, I can’t: I want them to go through the worst kind of emotional torture available to repent. 

And to all the pro-gun people out there, please cease your interminable gabble. I would like to breathe oxygen instead of the mephitic fumes of your oratory that constantly threaten my pulmonary capabilities. (And yes, I just paraphrased one of my favorite Thaddeus Stevens quotes.)

One or two pistols/small guns are fine by me; 47 assault weapons and bazookas are not. 

Flip-flopping like a wet noodle.

Flip-flopping like a wet noodle.

Gov. Scott Walker reverses his decision to end same-day voting registration. He previously stated that the same-day registration volume is a burden to the “elderly” election day volunteers. To which, several men and women above the age of 60 responded, and those responses were broadcasted on TV stations across the nation. Now he says that expunging that one day of voter registration will cost taxpayers $5.2 M. 

Read and please comment your thoughts below. (But make sure to be civil. We all have different opinions and it’s best to respect them.) 

I fail to see it.

My friends know that I’m a feminist. But they still assume that I hate men.

The truth: “Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group, they’re rather stupid”. (Mary Poppins “Sister Suffragette” song)

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FOX Noise, the creators of the war on men… (aka I have brain cells and I like using them)


According to the Pew Research poll, the importance of marriage among women rose from 28% to 37%, while that among men declined from 35% to 29%.

So the trouble is that women are having trouble finding “marriageable men”. Ah what a pity.

So that “dearth of good men has been such a hot topic of late” that I haven’t even heard of it. Marriageable men are kinda in the eye of the beholder. (And my eyes don’t see any men that are even worth dating. Oh well.) Since women getting college degrees are the problem, why don’t we all just “surrender to our femininity”.

We are “raised to think that men are the enemy” so why don’t we all just nuke them, like we were going to nuke the moon during the Cold War?

Men obviously haven’t changed much. And since women have, it’s all our faults. We should never have started fighting for our right to vote, our right to choose, our right to an education, our right to be whatever we want to be. That is what men don’t like in women. So it’s our fault for wanting so much.

It’s also our fault for being too masculine because we have ambitions. We should just sit around and take care of our kids, cook, clean, and do “feminine” things like not think and obey.


That is not the life I want. I don’t give a damn about my marriage because I know if I find someone I want to spend the rest of my life with (who respects me for who I am and won’t force anything onto me), I will. And if I don’t, I will stay single.

I have high ambitions and even higher goals for myself. I have brain cells and I like using them. And I won’t let anyone — my family, my friends, the media, this reptile of a woman who was apparently endowed with dimwits — get in my way. I will succeed. Watch me.